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Stubby Indexable Boring Bars and Drills

NTM's Stubby® Line of Tooling is designed to save you time and money.

Stubby Indexable Boring Bars and Drills
Stubby Indexable Boring Bars and Drills

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Stubby carbide boring bars are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The Patented chisel point ensures a stronger, more reliable brazed head. We guarantee all our brazes. They are shorter in length which dictates to you the Customer savings in cost and in inventory. With over 150 different sizes and styles, NTM, Inc can accommodate all of your insert needs. NTM offers both solid and coolant thru bars with same day or next day shipment on stock items.

Stubby drills are manufactured to the same quality as standard indexable drills. They are designed with shorter flute lengths and shanks that fit standard collet and endmill holders. The shorter flute length gives Stubby drills greater rigidity which translates into higher production rates and extended insert life.

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