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Below you will find recent case studies and testimonials from a number of NTM Inc. projects and customers. Please Contact Us today to find out how we can assist you with the same level of quality and dependability.

Customer Studies

Problem: A particular customer was using two different tools for his project – a Harvey 60 degree tool, and a Garr 90 degree tool. He was seeking a way to cut his cycle time on the part, and came to NTM for assistance.

Solution: NTM’s knowledgeable engineers partnered with the client to devise a new special two-sided tool that would combine both features. By creating a tool that could do both features at once, NTM saved the customer 47.7 seconds per part.

Result: The customer was running over 62,000 parts per year, making the estimated cost savings to this customer approximately $14,833 a year.

Problem: A customer who was utilizing a particular tool approached NTM for assistance. They were incorporating a tool that not only was required to provide two features at once, but it also had a relatively short lifespan.

Solution: NTM’s experienced engineers analyzed the tool and its requirements, and were able to build a new tool with a much greater life, as well as the ability to perform two features simultaneously. NTM was also able to run the tool at a higher chip load, therefore generating a greater metal removal rate.

Result: The estimated cost savings to this customer is approximately $20,573 a year.


Every year, I try to recognize the vendor that helped me the most to get my job done and offered the best service and advice.

This year it was the people at NTM. Thanks for the help, I think of you as my supplier of the year, of course there is no real award other than knowing that NTM is the first vendor I think of when I need to order cutting tools, or revise tools. We have done great things together and I look forward to working on many more projects with NTM.”

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